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Comprehensive Professional Investigators will provide you with  the
 information needed to avoid surprises, assist in resolving unavoidable
 disputes, disprove or expose weaknesses in your adversaries allegations, 
and support your litigations strategies.

-Criminal Investigations – Pre-trial, Post-Conviction, Appeal. We will:

          -Identify, gather, process, preserve evidence;

          -Conduct physical Interviews of witnesses, officers and other investigative leads 
                  involved (audio, video and sworn affidavits);

          -Identify witnesses and conduct background checks on defendants, witnesses and 
                 deposition subjects;

          -Perform sophisticated computer forensic audits and other types of analysis;

          -Take photographic, audio and video evidence;

          -Provide link or flow charts that offer a revealing graphic view of relationships among 
                 people, places and important events;

          -Prepare a detailed timeline of your case, providing a visual perspective of what 

          -Review forensic, testimonial and media (computer, physical, autopsy, photographic, 
                 audio/visual etc.) evidence;

- Domestic surveillance – Domestic surveillance which can include nanny cams, caregiver background checks, security surveillance, and many other types of investigations are conducted to ensure that you and everyone in your home remain safe.

- Personal injury investigations – An investigation into the causes and circumstances under which an injury has occurred or was caused.

- Workers Compensation - Investigating fraud, liability and compliance within the worker’s compensation system and ensuring compliance with the Workers' Compensation Act. This includes:

            -Investigate suspected workers compensation fraud cases should the validity of the claim 
                  be in question or if there’s evidence that alcohol, drugs, or negligence may have been a 
                  factor in the employee submitting the claim;                 

           -Investigate unscrupulous providers (billing for services that were not rendered,
                  prescribing unnecessary drugs or treatment, or falsifying a diagnosis);

           -Investigate injured worker fraud or abuse (whether the injuries reported indeed exist, 
                  whether they were injured somewhere other than the workplace, while claiming the 
                  injury was job related, doing "inappropriate activities", and finally, working a job while 
                  drawing compensation for disability);

           -Investigate employer fraud or abuse (not reporting any or all employees and 
                  getting a "free ride" on insurance at the expense of other employers, reporting fewer ​
                  hours than the employees have actually worked etc);

- Background Checks – We will research and compile criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organization.  

-Asset searches – We will attempt uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by debtors, companies, and individuals.

- Missing persons investigations – We will conduct missing persons investigations under the following (but not limited to) circumstances:

          -Dependent Adult - Adult who has physical or mental limitations which restrict his/her 
                 ability to carry out normal activities (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism);

          -Lost/Missing person – Anyone who has strayed away and whose whereabouts are 

          -Parent/Family Abduction - Child who is taken, detained, concealed, enticed away, or 
                  retained by a parent/family member or person at the request of the parent;

          -Runaway - Any child under 18 years of age who is voluntarily missing;

          -Stranger Abduction - Missing person taken/kidnapped by a stranger (includes cases of a 
                  known abductor who is not a family member);

          -Suspicious Circumstances - Circumstances which give rise to the belief that “foul play” 
                  may have been involved; the disappearance is out of character for the individual, and no 
                  known reason can be determined;

          -Unknown Missing - Child or adult who is reported missing, but there are insufficient 
                  facts to determine the circumstances;

          -Voluntary Missing Adult - Missing adult who has left on his/her own free will;

- Skip Tracing The process of locating a person's whereabouts for any number of purposes, (owes a financial debt, owes child support, hiding from Law Enforcement or relatives have lost contact).

- Child custody/child abuse Which can be used to attempt to uncover possible negligence and mistreatment of minors.

- Elder Abuse - Which can be used to attempt to uncover possible negligence and mistreatment of elders; or disprove negligence and mistreatment supposedly done by a caregiver.

- Marital investigations Which can include everything from partner surveillance to domestic abuse investigations, pre-marital investigations, and cheating spouse investigations.

- Insurance Fraud – We examine matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt for some reason.

- Due Diligence - Performing this type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is used to deliberate on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits, and risks. We will:

          -Investigate a business or person prior to signing a contract;

          -Investigate third party partners and investors for potential abuse of human rights, 
                 questionable business practices;

          -Research an organization's financial and organizational health and capacity to guide an 
                 investor (or grant maker) decision;

          -Investigate to determine that the representations make in a bankruptcy petition are 
                 factually accurate;

- Vehicle Accident/Collision Investigations

           -After an accident has occurred, we gather all possibly relevant facts that may contribute to 
                understanding the accident;

         -Reconstruct the events of the collision and check for consistency and plausibility

         -Inspect involved vehicles for pre and post-accident/collision conditions;

         -Inspect and evaluate environmental, roadway, and traffic control conditions that may have 
                attributed to cause;

         -Collect and review photographic evidence of the scene, vehicles, witnesses and victim(s) 

-Workplace Investigations

          -Provide safety education for employees so they know what conduct is not 
                acceptable, what to do if they witness or are subjected to workplace violence, and how to 
                protect themselves against workplace violence.


                 •Quality of locks on your doors;

                 •Camera coverage of blind spots inside and outside of building;

                 • Internal physical security;


                 •Property conditions that affect safety and security;

                 •Physical attack on a computer or network system (the possibilities that 
                           someone has access to physically destroy your computers and network systems or 
                           walk away with data);

                 •Electronic attack on a network system (host and network level);


                 •Wage and hour violations;

                 •Health and safety;

          -Pattern and Practice

                 •Questionable business practices;

                 •Inconsistent treatment;




- Administrative 

            -Gather facts to prove or disprove a decision to take or not to take disciplinary action;

          -Face-to face, telephonic and review written interviews with complaining party and 

          -Background Checks for Pre-employment and pre-promotion - investigating the 
                 backgrounds of potential employees and verifying the accuracy of the applicant's claims 
                 as well as to discover any possible criminal history, workers compensation claims, or 
                 employer sanctions;

- Audio/Video/Photographic and Computer Forensics

           -We have the ability to perform sophisticated computer forensic audits and other types of 

          -We can take photographic, audio and video evidence;

          -Extract images/data from distorted video/photographs/media.;

          -Audio translations;